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My Photos Cms 83 sorry I didn’t answer your post sooner to many things on the go. The leather on a chisel handle is a thing for the user to decide whether to include or not, its supposed to act as a shock absorber. I never fit leather to any handles that I fettle,I think it is a personal choice thing, if it is what you want then go with it. Btw do you have a German background you say schlagring in English it is usually called a ferrule no big thing just interesting. I think you should take your son to the shop with you it builds bonds between you both and teaches the boy respect for tools and there use. I have three sons and they can fettle and use any hand tool that I own and the bonds between the four of us are very strong, but not just through using hand tools. A hand full of nails a hammer and a piece of wood will keep a kid fascinated till they get bored.

History of Antique Wood Planes

All I could see were a bunch of odd lumps of wood and some steel. This was years before both the Internet and modern toolmakers made this form of tool a common sight in workshops again. Like Lampert, I preferred the planes made by Spiers of Ayr over the other makers.

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This is from my working experience having owned them and replaced them with a standard sprung steel cap iron. I admit that the removeable chunk of steel seems like a practical application patented by Record in the 60s. As for the term stay-set. This gives the impression that the plane stays set when you remove the iron assembly as a unit, sharpen the iron and replace it in the plane. How can that be when you take the iron out, reduce it in length and offer it back the wood without adjusting the depth wheel?

There was plenty of whiplash in the mechanisms and also in the yoke. That never bothers me.

Silverdale Buttonhooks

Antique Jewelers Work Bench or Cabinet Although there have been some examples found of Roman planes that have iron sole plates riveted to the wooden bodies, most Roman planes were constructed of an iron cutter with a wooden body, push bar and wedge. Archeologists unearthed an extremely rare example of a Roman plane constructed from elephant ivory in East Yorkshire, Britain near the town of Goodmanham. Known as the Goodmanham Plane, this ancient tool is displayed at the Beverley Guildhall.

Spiers – a Scottish manufacturer that made infills for a long time. Without going through a full type study, in general, the earliest of the coffin sided infills were made with screws through the sides into the infills, and a wedge instead of a lever cap with screw.

Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get Daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingSee our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Some of Britain’s most iconic planes will be landing at Exeter Airport on Friday morning to celebrate its long association with the RAF. The Spirit of Exeter, a Spitfire, is due to touchdown at the airport at 10am after doing three approaches over the city. It is due to be joined by the giant military transport aircraft the Boeing C Globemaster and subsonic fighter jet the Gnat.

Read More Thousands cram vantage points for Torbay Airshow A purpose-built terminal building was constructed at Exeter Airport in and daily flights to Jersey commenced almost immediately. For two years, Exeter Airport operated a wide range of civilian flights, as well as a flying school, using Tiger Moth aircraft and flying club with more than members.

The outbreak of war changed all that. Always designed to be able to assist the military in times of war, between the airport became an RAF base and it played a key role during some of the pivotal moments in World War II. Read More Spitfires will be flying over Devon this summer – here’s where and when In , with the Battle of Britain underway in the skies over the southern coast of the UK, the RAF decided to base a number of squadrons at Exeter flying Hurricane bombers and Whirlwind bombers — all of which saw action in German attacks on Plymouth Docks and the city of Exeter.

These iconic planes are flying low over Exeter this morning

Yet another boring Spiers question O Wise and Sagacious Galootinous ones, Has anyone ever done a “type study” on Spiers lever cap styles and marks? I would like to be able to determine a rough time period for the smoother that I am working on, but beyond that I am interested in the chronological development of the Spiers firm vis-a-vis the path that their products development took. The book of Spiers history appears to be unavailable.

Any elucidation in this regard would be greatly appreciated! Yet another boring Spiers question Spike Cornelius asked: I, too, have a strong interest obsession?

Spiers Plane Dating How Not To Be Clingy While Dating, Is Dancing With The Stars Val And Kelly Dating, Best Ice Breakers For Online Dating, Lesbian Dating. My questions relate to Spiers ‘ remarks about how the Astral Plane, or the.

New Infills I bought this plane from a David Stanley auction, it was cast iron and it had been dropped and broken in half. It had 2 brass mending plates either side holding it together, crudely done. My intention was to use all the original infill and the beautiful bridge and make a dovetailed replica in bronze and brass. When I dismantled it I realized it was a very old plane as there were a few hand cut screws holding the sole the the infill etc together.

The original plane had a square back but because I have dovetailed it I have made it round backed. The front rosewood infill was in poor shape lower down so I had to fully restore that piece before fitting it to the new plane. I also cut off and reshaped the top edge of the wedge because of more damage there. I lowered the bed angle by 5 degrees using the original rosewood topped rear infill , this helped me to get the bridge lower in the new plane because it stuck up well above the top sides of the plane when whoever made it.

A big surprise appeared when I cleaned up the bridge, it was lightly engraved with an English rose, 2 Scottish thistles and 3 Irish shamrocks, surrounded with numerous leaves, incidentally the bridge is bronze and it had 2 screws either side fixing it to the plane, which were all over the place so I drilled a new hole through the bridge and used a new pin in it, riveting it to the plane.

I sharpened the original James Howarth iron and the plane works like magic, I am very happy with the result. The broken components and the uncleaned bridge. Comparisons Between Speir and Spiers of Ayr.

History of Antique Wood Planes

Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get Daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingSee our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Uber may not yet be operating in Cornwall but we have the next best thing – ‘Uber’ with planes. Like Airbnb or Uber , Wingly is a web-based platform which connects private pilots with passengers who want to share the flights and the costs with them.

Pilots get to share the cost of flying and passengers get to share a flight in a light aircraft. The idea is that you register on the site, make contacts with a pilot at your local aerodrome, share the costs with him or her and off you go. Read More Fly a degree Cornwall Air Ambulance mission from Newquay to Truro on your phone You can either fly to a destination agreed in advance or fly over your local beach or town and enjoy your area from the air.

Stewart Spiers – Plane maker of Ayr, Scotland by Ron Spiers, England Collectors of hand tools will be aware that iron woodworking planes were once made by makers such as Limond, Miller, McLauchlan and Rutherford in the town of Ayr, Scotland.

Well I brought it home, and on the way I called in at my friend Rob’s place to share the joy. He is a furniture maker and restorer, and a good one. He put an instant age on it from the types of wood used in the veneer – Almost all the tools are stamped with the owner’s mark A. McIntyre, a good Scottish name. The moulding planes, the 2 ploughs, and the fillister are made by 3 different makers, and here is where it gets interesting

Vault (architecture)

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The reasons for that are discussed on the FAQ page.

BM Melhuish, London (Spiers) A very scarce Spiers made gunemtal shoulder plane. This is marked for the London retailer, Melhuish, but is a Spiers 1 1/2″ wide gunmetal shoulder plane. This is marked for the London retailer, Melhuish, but is a Spiers 1 1/2″ wide gunmetal shoulder plane.

Numerous Freedom Of Information Act FOIA request shave been filed, for instance, by this writer as well as other researchers asking for information on foo fighters. This happened in spite of the fact that all known alternate names for foo fighters were submitted as well as a detailed description ofthe device itself.

This was the situation until the late s. He describes it as a radio controlled missile, built at an aeronautical establishment at Wiener Neustadt Austria with assistance of the Flugfunk Forschungsanstalt Radio-Flight Research Installation of Oberpfaffenhoffen. The project was under the control of an SS technical division.

It was armored, circular in shape,resembling the shell of a tortoise. The device was powered by special flat, circular a turbojet engine.

Ok! Here’s the Situation – O!HitS

Other Makers While Norris may be the best known, it wasn’t the only manufacturer. Without going through a full type study, in general, the earliest of the coffin sided infills were made with screws through the sides into the infills, and a wedge instead of a lever cap with screw. The earliest stamps on the lever caps were Spiers Ayr – though the words appear upside down.

Later, the same words were stamped, though right side up. Click on the image to enlarge. While I don’t know if there is any information on when certain features were introduced, some Spiers have an overstuffed rear infill meaning the rear wood hides the top of the metal sides in that area – the photo below show an overstuffed rear infill yet in others the wood infill does not extend over the sides.

Mar 09,  · Even earlier Spiers planes have screws through the sides instead of pins, and the earliest Spiers have screws through the side and a wooden wedge butted up against a metal bridge rather than a lever cap.

However with all the bad weather coming within days of each other you could be confused in wondering what is happening and when. Is Cornwall getting the brunt of Storm Caroline? File photo The answer to most of these questions is no. Read More Storm Caroline will primarily be over Scotland today with a series of gales and rain battering much of Western Isles, the Northern Isles and the majority of mainland Scotland from Oban to Aberdeen.

The storm will then subside tonight as it moves to the east. Sunrise in the snow on Bodmin moor Cornwall has certainly had its fair share of wind and rain over the past 24 hours but that has only been a subsidiary of the storm that is hitting the north. Read More What IS going to affect Cornwall more seriously is the cold and wet weather heading this way, as Caroline clears, late on Friday and it is set to last into Saturday.

Read More What rights do you have if snow forces you to miss a day of work?

Restoring an Early Spiers Smoothing Plane

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Catalogue of American nails, wire, barbed wire, staples tacks, poultry netting, etc. United States Steel Corporation Subsidiary. The mid Victorian Elwell catalog of forged tools. A facsimile with an introduction by Richard Filmer. The traditional tools of the carpenter and other craftsmen. Catalogue 2, 3, 4, 5. The Stanley catalog collection: Four decades of rules, levels, try-squares, planes, and other Stanley tools and hardware.

Astragal Press, Mendham, NJ. The handsaw catalog collection: A select compilation of the four leading manufacturers Moses’ Printing and Publishing House. Reprinted by Ken Roberts Publishing Co.

UFO Expert Found Dead After Vomiting Black Liquid

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