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There is no indication of date or place. Guy Johnson dated it speculatively, based on information provided by the source of his copy of the broadside, a woman living in Rome, Georgia, as “ca Nothing is certain here. It came from an estate in Huntsville, Alabama. The Titanic sank early in the morning of April 15, This broadside was probably printed shortly thereafter. I have now found a third Blankenship broadside, “Our President,” a photocopy of which comes to me from a woman living in Madison, Alabama, not far from Huntsville. Her mother made a small collection of “ballets,” mostly handwritten but a few printed, in the early part of the twentieth century, and she retains this collection. The United States made a formal declaration of war on April 6, against Germany. The first United States troops arrived in France on June 27,

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Beacon Batch — Fieldnotes The going is not too bad as the weather has been dry, but would be horrible in wet conditions. The first barrow Burrington 11 is to the north of the path, another substantial mound despite erosion and probable excavation.

30 Sep SDU1 deals with ordnance in Bristol Channel. The Somerset County Gazette website contains this article and the Burnham-on-Sea website this article reporting Thursday’s disposal by members of Plymouth-based Southern Diving Unit 1 of an item of ordnance found off from RNLI Lifeboats at Burnham-on-Sea/Mike Lang.

Tips and tricks September 24, Video: First Lensman by E. Drawing an automatic pistol, he shot the apparently unsuspecting scientist seven times, as fast as he could pull the trigger; twice through the brain, five times, closely spaced, through the spine. Nels Bergenholm, completely undisturbed by the passage of the stream of bullets through his head and body, turned and waved one huge hand at a stool beside his own. Neither person—or rather, entity—was in the least surprised that no one else had paid any attention to what had happened, but it was clear that the one was taken aback by the failure of his murderous attack.

As you, in the guise of Gray Roger, told Conway Costigan a short time since, ‘I permitted that, as a demonstration of futility. We of Arisia will not interfere in person with your proposed conquest of the two galaxies as you have planned it, since the stresses and conflicts involved are necessary—and, I may add, sufficient—to produce the Civilization which must and shall come into being. Therefore, neither will you, or any other Eddorian, so interfere.

You will go back to Eddore and you will stay there.

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Revisionists at work yet again, the bible scholars get it right again. I don’t think it was written to be read literally. Grahame Revisionists at work yet again, the bible scholars get it right again.

Ellis’s Blog, page 6 September 16, The book ‘Wise Eyed Open’ will be FREE from Amazon for digital download until Wednesday 19th of September King of the Road The old man woke to another cold, wet day when he would wish they had ignored Alb’s clarion call to ‘stand up and fight for what is right’. He, Dilwyn and Reg could have been enjoying a cosy life back at the retirement home.

Instead both Reg and Dilwyn were lost to him, no doubt captive or dead. He stretched out slowly, one leg at a time, cursing his advanced age, his frailty and the fact that he now lived on the street, unable to claim his army pension for fear of capture. He was trying hard to lose his accent, worried it might betray him but he was too old and simply, being one Gilbert Owen, too Welsh. As he drew near Gilbert felt an unexpected surge of shocked recognition, and the adrenalin that followed made his heart beat faster.

He had to breathe deeply to slow it back down. Razza struggled to his feet and bowed elaborately to the new arrival who disconsolately waved away the ironic tribute. His voice was unusually rich, rather like he had something in his mouth other than his tongue. Gilbert narrowed his eyes, studying the man in front of him, trying to see beyond the dirty clothes and the unkempt appearance. Razza laughed nastily, “Finks ‘ees the Prince, see, that’s why I calls im ‘is majesty, innit.

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They often took a horse and buggy into the nearby town of Maynard , where Helen would shop for groceries or clothes, while Babe would buy cigars and play pool at the Maynard Smoke Shop, which was owned by Frank and Joe Sheridan. The owners’ younger brother, year old Ralph Sheridan, had followed the Red Sox since , and he recognized Ruth the first time he walked into the store. Sudbury was a quiet farming town of 1, people, whereas the population of Maynard was close to 7, Maynard had grocery stores, band concerts, dance halls, pool halls, bowling alleys, bars, a Woolworth’s and daily trains to and from Boston.

Sudbury had vegetable farms including greenhouse farms serving the Boston market and chickens. The interview can be listened to online from the MHS website as Podcasts.

Which was fortunate, since they didn’t really have a Plan B. There had been plenty of the stuff this time yesterday, when four of them had made the same journey, taking with them an empty coffin and four shovels. But now, as the green Transit van sped along the Sussex country road, misty rain was falling from a sky the colour of a fogged negative. Are we nearly there yet? With three pubs notched up already in the past hour and a half, and four more on the itinerary, he was sticking to shandy.

At least, that had been his intention; but he’d managed to slip down a couple of pints of pure Harvey’s bitter – to clear his head for the task of driving, he’d said. Then they passed a small white cottage. Michael, lolling on a tartan rug on the floor in the back of the van, head wedged between the arms of a wheel-wrench for a pillow, was feeling very pleasantly woozy.

If he’d had his wits about him, he might have sensed, from the expressions of his friends, that something was not quite right. Never usually much of a heavy drinker, tonight he’d parked his brains in the dregs of more empty pint glasses and vodka chasers than he could remember downing, in more pubs than had been sensible to visit.


The Royal Navy’s underwater diving operations, Gibraltar – ‘. Bailey, played by Terence Longden, only makes a fleeting appearance. Several events in the film are fictitious but close enough to the truth to be convincing. Moreover, most of the central characters portrayed in the film actually existed.

December 15, at 1: I have had a CCW for several years. No change in gun laws to make it harder for irresponsible people to get them, no requirement for safety training, no appreciable change in mental healthcare. I hugged my daughter hard first thing when I came home yesterday. The Second Amendment of the Constitution reads as follows: There are , federally licensed gun retailers in the US , which is over 3 times as many locations as grocery stores, almost 10 times as many locations as McDonalds.

And I feel this needs to be pointed out to some gun owners: The NRA is not your friend.

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Growing Wilder 3 [See Footnote 4 ] I don’t blame me. I blame my new body. There I was, crawling through the wilds, giddy on my latest enigma perfume. I promised myself I’d be back by nightfall, but for some reason I kept overlooking the one thing that would always get me lost. Hey, I know my own limitations! I wouldn’t have shot off with nothing but a “I’ll remember the way back” if I took the time to think about it.

Criminal Allegations In our continuing effort to provide an avenue for individuals to voice their opinions and experiences, we have recently reviewed and updated our forum policies. Generally, we have allowed users to share their positive or negative experiences with or opinions of companies, products, trainers, etc. When it came to overt criminal allegations, however, those discussions have in the past needed to stem from a report by a reputable news source or action by law enforcement or the legal system.

We are now expanding our policies to allow posters to share their own first-hand experiences involving overt criminal allegations, such as animal abuse or neglect, theft, etc. We still will not allow anonymous postings alleging criminal activity. Users have always been legally responsible for their posts, and nothing has changed there, but we want to loosen the reins a bit and further allow the free flow of discussion and information relevant to the horse community.

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He came to work for Travis Arnold, timber merchants, and worked his way up to become the manager. He recalls sitting in his office looking out across the river at between 3. The photograph above shows timber in wagons crossing at the gates at New Road, Sutton Bridge. Jack said the import of wood at the port was stopped during the War and afterwards there were fewer ships using it.

Now I am moving again. A small and non-commercial advertisement for me I do this sort of thing for fun, and I write books for fun and little bit of profit. Some of my best ideas emerge first and for free through Old Writer on the Block , which is, in theory at least, my writing blog. But as it’s my blog, I get to make the rules, so sometimes I rabbit on about microscopy, fossils I have met, messing with acid, wee beasties of interest, the physics of sand dunes or descants on the origins of words like “tablet”.

You don’t have to go there, but you may have fun. Selection criteria As a rule, I hope to take three to five instances of each word or phrase, unless I think there is good cause to extend the collection, as happened in the case with “billy”. I have in mind assisting lexicographers, but sometimes the greatest interest is in the ways a word changes. Another issue is point of origin: I believe that the data here probably show that a number of terms including damper, kangaroo dog and billy originated in what was then Van Diemen’s Land.

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July 22, by Joe Saward The greatest drivers in Formula 1 are able to achieve great things with cars that are deemed to be uncompetitive. They understand the problems and adapt to them. Admittedly, it is not possible these days for a great driver to win in a bad car.

Dressing in the style of Sally Bowles – unt speakink in a phoney German accent – is entirely optional. Roger Anonymous Wed Jan 17 Comments like “I think we’ve got the whole world here tonight! And that Joshua Tree thing too. However, due to the intimate nature of the venue, I don’t think anyone will object to people standing. Unless, of course, they decide to bus in the asshole security from Shepherds Bush Empire to give that classic London feel ;- Thighpaulsandra thighp pwdu.

This track started life as a Queen Elizabeth experiment but did not fit with the overall concept of QE2. Julian was initially unaware that I had used this material on my album but he’s there for about 32 minutes playing doubleneck. I must apologise to all those people who emailed me recently and did not get a reply.

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